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Family-to-Family Furnace Fund

MHO's Family-to-Family Furnace Fund addresses furnace repair or replacement needs for Buncombe County homeowners who have low or very low income and special needs including those who are elderly, have a disability or are single parents or families with young children. These are our neighbors, people with names and stories and, like all of us, the need to stay warm on a cold winter's day. Read on to learn more about how your family could help another family this winter.


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“I’ll never forget how MHO helped me.”


Betty spent most of her life helping her neighbors in need. She volunteered with Meals on Wheels for several years and was involved with her church’s outreach. Then last year, Betty unexpectedly found herself on the other side of the fence. 

Her husband was killed in a tragic accident.  At 70, Betty found herself suddenly alone and caring for her three-year old granddaughter of whom she has custody. She lost her husband and the income he earned for the household.

When Betty’s furnace stopped working last year, she called a service repair man who came out to take a look.  He told Betty that her furnace was the most dangerous furnace he’d ever seen and he couldn’t believe it hadn’t burned her house down. He left Betty an estimate for the repair, but she knew she couldn’t afford it. Betty has diabetes and she was already trying to make tough decisions between purchasing her medication or food for her and her granddaughter.

So after years of helping her neighbors in need, Betty now needed help for herself.  Fellow church parishioners loaned Betty small, electric heaters.  Betty said this was a hard time for her.  She cried and prayed and hoped for the best.

A neighbor told Betty that she had a friend who was helped by MHO and maybe she should call.  She did and MHO helped Betty apply for help from MHO’s Family-to-Family Furnace Fund which aids in paying for furnace repairs or replacement needs for families with low to very low income and special needs like those who are disabled, elderly or families with young children. 

Within two weeks, Betty had a new furnace.  “They [MHO] were a godsend,” said Betty. “I prayed for help.  I stood up in church and said I have a furnace.  MHO came to help me.”

Over the past year, MHO has helped provide nearly 50 families with a safe, efficient source of heat. No families who qualify for help from MHO are turned away.  But they often wait for funding to become available before we can address their furnace repair or replacement needs.  This year, MHO has had more requests for help than usual and so, like Betty, we need to ask for help.

Do you want to help a neighbor stay warm this winter?

Please consider making a gift to MHO’s Family-to-Family Furnace Fund. Gifts of any amount are a huge help! Your tax-deductible gift of $75 will pay for a furnace evaluation to determine if it can be fixed. Your gift of $300 will pay for a furnace repair. Your gift of $3,000 will pay for a new furnace.


Click here to make a secure online donation now.

Contributions to the Family-to-Family Furnace Fund can be mailed to MHO at 64 Clingman Ave., Suite 101, Asheville, NC 28801. Or, donate online.  Be sure to designate the Family-to-Family Furnace Fund.  On behalf of MHO and all of the people we serve, thank you.


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